Target: BDP
Producer: Marley Marl
Album: N/A
Label: Cold Chillin'
Best Line: "Now KRS-One you should go on vacation/With that name soundin' like a wack radio station"

After KRS-One claimed "Roxanne Shante is only good for steady fuckin" on "The Bridge Is Over," it was only right for Roxanne to join the BDP vs. Juice Crew battle. After proving she could hold her own against male opponents (she took on UTFO years earlier), Roxanne and Marley Marl crafted "Have a Nice Day," filled with hilarious jabs aimed at the KRS-One and Scott La Rock. Despite rumors that her rhymes were written by Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane, Roxanne proved that a female could step in the ring in a male-dominated genre and keep the battle entertaining.