Target: Tragedy Khadafi
Producer: SPK
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Best Line: "He don't wanna be a Muslim no more/He used to be black and proud now he wanna be hardcore"

After signing Capone-N-Noreaga, then helping craft and complete their debut album, The War Report, Tragedy Khadafi found himself on the outs with his protege Noreaga, who wasn't happy with how he was compensated for the project. Nore accused Trag of stiffing the duo on album proceeds, and felt he and (the then-incarcerated) Capone deserved more than they were awarded (despite the fact that Tragedy produced or was featured on almost half of the tracks).

On "Halfway Thugs Pt. 2," the always entertaining Noreaga took the gloves off and spewed hilarious lines like "You just mad 'cause you wasn't in the Juice Crew," and accused Trag of being a 37-year-old ham-eating Muslim and a crackhead who bit Nas' style. The track also questioned Tragedy for abandoning his roots as a pro-black/revolutionary MC (under the Intelligent Hoodlum moniker) to become a street-oriented rapper.