Target: Prodigy, Nature, Cormega
Producer: Baby Paul and Mike Risko
Album: Stillmatic
Label: Ill Will/Columbia
Best Line: "Asking a Braveheart to help get back your jewelry/You ain't from my hood, don't even rep QB"

Jay Z wasn't Nas' only adversary during the Stillmatic era, and at this stage in his career it was Nas against the world. Building off BDP's classic diss track "The Bridge Is Over," Nas set out to "Destroy and Rebuild" the Queensbridge hip-hop scene, by weeding out former friends and collaborators: Cormega, Prodigy, and Nature.

Both Cormega and Nature were once members of Nas' famed supergroup, The Firm, but his relationships with both dissolved over bad business, street beef, and record industry politics. Nas' issues with Prodigy (who was also beefing with Jay Z at the time) stemmed from the subliminal shots he felt P sent his way (which Prodigy later denied). Surely Prodigy hopping on Cormeg's vicious "Thun and Kicko" Nas diss couldn't have helped matters.