Target: Def Squad, L.O.D., Keith Murray
Producer: Havoc
Album: N/A
Label: N/A
Best Line: "Motherfuck Keith Murray and his whole click/Yeah you snuffed me in front of the cops, that bullshit" (Prodigy)

After taking offense to remarks Prodigy made on Mobb Deep's "The Infamous Prelude" from The Infamous album, Keith Murray wanted clarity on the comments regarding rappers who talk that "crazy space shit" and about "how much weed you smoke" (two subjects prominently featured on Murray"s debut, The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World).

P's comments led to various subliminal shots on records, and eventually an altercation in front of the infamous Tunnel nightclub, where Keith Murray allegedly snuffed P in the face in front of police. Rumors swirled about what actually happened between the two, and Prodigy menacingly addressed the brawl here, claiming Keith would've been clapped had he turned the corner into an alley on that fateful night.