Target: South Bronx, BDP
Producer: Marley Marl
Album: Down by Law
Label: Cold Chillin'/Warner
Best Line: "Should've stayed in school learned comprehension/Stating facts that I did not mention"

After BDP shook up the Juice Crew with "South Bronx," MC Shan and Marley Marl had to come back strong, as the Juice Crew's reputation was on the line. KRS-One accused MC Shan of claiming hip-hop started in Queensbridge (on Shan's "The Bridge"), however Shan quickly refuted the claim, stating KRS lacked comprehension and didn't properly digest "The Bridge"'s lyrics. Although Shan agreed hip-hop started in the BX, he was steadfast that Queens MCs were the better breed, and he intended to kill the rest of the noise with this response record.