Target: MC Antoinette
Producer: Audio Two
Album: Lyte As a Rock
Label: First Priority/Atlantic Records
Best Line: "You're a beat biter/A dope style taker/I'll tell you to your face you ain't nothin' but a faker"

After MC Antoinette blatantly jacked the beat from Audio Two's "Top Billin" for her single "I Got an Attitude," MC Lyte, the younger sibling of Audio Two's Giz and Milk, took it upon herself to diss her fellow femcee. The track featured a multitude of now-classic lines such as "hot damn hoe, here we go again" and "you're a beat biter, a dope style taker." Ironically, the beat for "10% Dis" sounded more like "Top Billin" than "I Got an Attitude" did.