Target: Ja Rule, Belly, The Firm, Foxy Brown, Irv Gotti, Murder Inc., DMX
Producer: Fred Wreck
Album: Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha
Label: Antra
Best Line: "Mothafuck D, Mothafuck M, Only X I know is Xzibit or RBX/Extraordinary, trynna snatch my bitch/You can have the bitch, two bitches gettin' rich"

After catching wind of an alleged affair between DMX and his ex-fiance, Foxy Brown, Kurupt said fuck a subliminal and truly called out names. Anyone within an earshot of DMX and Foxy were called into question, with the likes of Murder Inc., Ruff Ryders (but he gave the Lox and Eve a pass—so who was he dissing? Drag-On? Parle'?), and The Firm feeling the brunt of it. This track played out more like a drunken tirade and could be best remembered as the first time a rapper dissed a movie cast ("Fuck Belly").