LeilaDey has experienced a lot since her debut EP, I've Arrived, dropped in 2015—most notably the tough loss of her sister last year. Luckily for us, she was able to find the courage to channel her feelings into her just-released project, Black Bouquet, and the end result is a beautiful and personal project that tugs the heartstrings. While she touches on love and loss throughout there are a number of major themes—from friendship to desire to memories—that most everyone can relate to packed into the five-track EP, produced entirely by Mississauga native Zepfire. It's a solid listen front-to-back, and includes a Lauryn Hill "Ex-Factor"-inspired heater in "Next Factor," but our personal favourite cut has got to be "Crazy." The track is only two-minutes long, but Leila's amazing vocals and strong songwriting have us leaving this on repeat.