Though he’s been in the game for years, Skepta reached new heights in 2016. The 34-year-old artist released his fourth studio album Konnichiwa in May, earned the highly coveted Mercury Prize, and landed an ambassador gig with fast-fashion giant Uniqlo. But it was far from an easy journey.

This week, Apple Music and Beats 1 have shared a preview of Skepta’s upcoming documentary called Greatness Only. The film was shot in the weeks leading up to his career-defining concert at London’s Alexandra Palace and includes commentary by those closest to him: friends, family, and collaborators such as Pharrell Williams. Sketpa’s sister and Beats 1 anchor Julie Adenuga produced the project and is also featured in the interviews.

“I feel like I’m the chosen one, but I chose myself,” Skepta says in the beginning of the trailer. “When I finally got there, to where I thought was the top, I wasn’t doing what I was doing in the beginning. I was not happy. This was a straight nervous breakdown.”

You can check out the documentary’s trailer above. Skepta: Greatness Only will premiere exclusively on Apple Music next week, Dec. 19.

Skepta also revealed he's working on a film about his record label. Though he didn't provide many details, he told the Evening Standard, "It’s going to be about Boy Better Know but not in [a completely] autobiographical way." Stay tuned for that.