For those in an around the industry, as much as a drawn-out, arduous process making music in the studio can be, the end result of hearing a track from a few stems blossom into a four-minute work of greatness is an adventure that is rarely equalled. It was within this sphere that Complex got to kick it with British R&B artist Angel—at his West LDN studio spaceahead of the release of his then-untitled EP, HER, which was recently released. A self-confessed studio-dweller, Angel’s ease in handling all areas of production and recording sees him capable of solo-creating bodies of work from scratch. In this focused, but relaxed, headspace, it felt like the best time to catch up and chart his journey back to the top.

Over an afternoon spent listening to unreleased and unfinished material, standouts included tracks sampling classic ‘​90s R&B songs like Jade’s “Dont Walk Away”, and a fierce club banger that lends from the melody of the Fugees’ “Ready Or Not”. With varied experiences from his years of growing up in the urban music scene, in place of frustration and regret, theres only hope and excitement in the voice of Angel today. Now with a new label situation, having become a father for the second time and serving as mentor to a younger generation of artists (including younger brother, Akelle, from WSTRN), we sat down with the comeback kid to uncover his growth in music and further aspects of life.