Song: Young Jeezy f/ Nas "My President is Black" (2008)
"My President is Black" coincided in a minor renaissance in Jeezy's recording career—as the substantial and critically-celebrated Recession LP—as well as the arrival of Obama in the White House. The thing about Jeezy is that he gets how to stay in his lane; he's not a political MC, but a black president is a major event in world history; why not incorporate that in a way that is consistent with his image? And so a black president becomes a riff alongside his usual subject matter; the more things change, the more they stay the same. Nas, on the other hand, seems confused as to how to handle his own persona in this brand-new setting. Thus comes one of his worst lyrics ever, a bizarre pun that manages to be nonsensical, mystique-puncturing, lazy and eye-roll-worthy, all at once.