Label: Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

Tunji Ige: "It’s synths and hip-hop beats and samples, and that’s everything I love. The aesthetic is very futuristic; Takashi Murakami, shutter shades, multicolors. Before, he was the underdog, before people started having him as the bad guy. That was the peak. That killed gangsta rap; him versus 50 [Cent]. It’s for kids who grew up on backpack rap, for kids who couldn’t completely resonate with the hood stuff or came from it that wanted to do something different; Graduation broke the doors down. 

"It was a very pivotal album even though it was his most commercial and maybe not his most [ambitious] substance-wise. But as far as impact on me at that point and time, that’s what made me want to do everything I’m doing right now."