Label: Virgin

Tunji Ige: "Discovery and Interstella 5555 [the movie that accompanies the album]—the animation and the music to resonate with it. 'One More Time' is one of my favorite songs. The thing about Daft Punk is it’s French house so they do a lot of crazy ‘70s disco chopped samples. They do the same thing in hip-hop, but what they were doing was putting synthesizers and moogs on there and crazy trance stuff on it. And that’s essentially what Kanye did with Graduation. I remember hearing ‘Stronger’ for the first time. I heard Daft Punk before, but that’s what made me revisit the catalog. Discovery is timeless music; you can play it anywhere and it will still go off. The synthesizers on 'Digital Love,' the chord progressions, the fact that he sang that whole song through a talk box, it was just perfect."