Song: “Fuck Jada” freestyle (2001)
Target: Jadakiss

Beanie Sigel vs. Jadakiss was a classic case of owning your territory. In an article from The Source, Jadakiss talked about the criticism that he often sounds the same on every record. He took it in stride though, explaining that New York City and Philadelphia both got on because of him. Beans responded in the same article, saying that no Philly rappers sound like Kiss: “I'm Philly! What's messed up is that Kiss got mad love in Philly.”

The story goes that Kiss heard Beans’ line about the 430 AMG Benz (a popular ride that Jada owned at the time) on “Beanie (Mack Bitch),” and believed it to be a subliminal aimed at him. This inspired Jada’s last verse on “Un-Hunh!”: “Ni**as can't fuck with Kiss, I meanie that/Had to stop eating red meat cause I ate too many Beanie-Macs”; “I'm not one of them ni**as and since you so righteous/Don't make me send your ass to Allah quicker.”

And so, during a DJ Envy freestyle over the beat for “Put Ya Hands Up,” Beans took aim at Jada.