Producer: Darryl "Big D" Harper, E.D.I.
Album: Better Dayz
Label: Amaru/Death Row

Pac's final call to arms. After his time in prison, Pac came out more and more focused on military strategy. The art of war increasingly became a theme in his music and the rationale for his movements. In the months and weeks before his death he made plans to counter his image as strictly a West Coast artist, making specific alliances—and none more intriguing than the one with Brooklyn's Boot Camp Click, who had their own issues with Biggie.

Tek, Steele, and Buckshot join Pac on this track, hoping to usher in a new era in hip-hop that Shakur dubbed "one nation." The spit from everyone on this record boded well for the alliance. Pac seemed enthused as well. By the end he's emphatically chanting "Where my soldiers, where my soldiers at? on some Che Guevera shit. Unfortunately this project would never come to fulfillment.