Producer: Tupac
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: Amaru/Death Row/Interscope

No, this is not Pac pre-emptively mourning Big. Nor did he write this from his bunker in Cuba. This record mourns the loss of a Live Squad associate of the same name. It's spooky still. The track, a combination of Bomb Squad wall-of-sound with Wu-Tang influenced samples, is a driving march like many of the early Tupac/Stretch collabos.

Despite their lengthy friendship, things would end badly after the Quad Studio shooting in '94, with Pac suggesting Stretch's involvement in setting him up. Exactly one year later Stretch was murdered execution style. In one of his most cold-hearted lines, Makaveli seems to reference this record in "Against All Odds": "And that ni**a that was down for me, rest the dead/Switched sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead.” Chill, God. Chill.