Album: N/A
Producer: Boi-1da

This is Drake at his most comfortable. "Whatever it is I got, it's clearly appealing," he declares. After all the hard work and all the heartbreaks and setbacks, Drake was sitting comfortably on top of the rap game and everything just clicked. Private jets, nights spent on 1 St. Thomas Street, and fucking R&B divas was becoming the norm. He was the new kid on the block, he had a few hits, and apparently, a few million already under his belt, but wasn't jaded by fame just yet.

This is him letting loose about it all and venting on a track. Though Drake wanted it to be the intro on Thank Me Later, he recorded it too late to get it on the tracklist, so it ended up as an iTunes bonus cut. The beat was produced by Boi-1da, but it was Chase N. Cashe—who gets a shout out in the song—who actually brought the record to Aubrey. Thankfully he did because "9AM" still stands as one of the best examples of Drake at his lyrical peak. —Insanul Ahmed