Atlanta native Yakki is currently hard at work on his upcoming project, YakkStick, which will be released in the near future. Today, Yakki debuts his new track, "Xans," featuring a dope appearance from Lil Uzi Vert, where the two connect for a trippy journey as they document their experiences on Xanax and everything that comes with it. Yakki's flow over the spacy production works well as he mixes together some dope crooning and raps that are not just catchy, but on topic for the duration. Following Yakki, Uzi Vert comes onto the song with a strong verse, as he spits about his love of the lifestyle and how he stays faded whenever possible.

"Lil Uzi Vert and I connected in a studio session -- just catching a vibe and listening to each other's music," Yakki told Complex. "We started talking about the in-and-outs of then rap game, saying how some people take it too serious and how we both make feel good music. I guess you can call it hippie connection."

This new track for Yakki is a solid follow-up to his previous effort, "Pockets," which he floated on with an assist from fellow up start 21 Savage. Both songs will be featured on Yakki's upcoming mixtape, which he's driving up the hype for by the day. "My upcoming mixtape Yakkstick is going to feature an inside audio book to my everyday life and hustle," Yakki said. "But, I also talk about a lot of current situations that happen in my city as a result of people losing their loved one to gun violence and drugs." You can stream "Xans" below.