Earlier this week, Tyga posted a side-by-side picture of him and Tupac and tagged it "Dad," which brought out the exact type of reaction from the Internet that you would expect with Tyga involved. Despite the slander, Tyga backed up his original statement and talked about the tweet with TMZ while he was walking through LAX recently. Tyga said that because his real dad has been locked up since he was really young, he looked up to Tupac as a father figure and motivator in life. So while the Internet isn't likely to give Tyga a break on this, he's very serious about the impact that 'Pac had on him growing up.

Aside from the talk about Tupac, Tyga hinted that things are all good at the moment between him and Kylie Jenner​, despite the constant rumors about their relationship status. Interestingly enough, Tyga said that the Mercedes G-Wagon that he supposedly bought her for her birthday was actually sold months ago, and not about to be repossessed like a prior report claimed. "Stop believing everything you read," Tyga said. So yeah, sounds like things are all good in Tyga's world at the moment.