Complex News recently caught up with Questlove and Black Thought of the Roots in Detroit at the Martell Vanguard Experience. There, we asked them what they'll miss most about President Barack Obama, what it was like playing as his official band, and the weirdness of the current election race.

In regards to the 2016 presidential race, Black Thought didn't share who he would be voting for, but he did comment on how disconcerting it's been thus far. "I will say that it's a circus, the sort of thing that you would only see in a movie. But it's really happening." Questlove also gave Obama props for an unexpected phrase he used during a recent speech at the G20 summit in Turkey. "I love the fact that in my lifetime I lived to see a president actually use the word 'pop off,'" he said. Check out the full video above where they also talk about the upcoming Nina Simone documentary, Michelle Obama showing off her lyrical skills, and what they have planned musically in the near future.