Over the past few years a good amount of handwritten letters from the late Tupac Shakur have popped up in some way or another, with some of them selling for a ton of money. Now, according to TMZ, even more rare memorabilia from 'Pac could be up for sale soon and it's all reportedly thanks to a simple Craigslist ad. The report states that an unidentified person came into possession of the rare collectibles after they answered an ad for baseball cards. When they showed up, the seller, whose dad reportedly worked with Tupac back in the day, offered to throw in the merch, which included three notebooks of handwritten ideas and lyrics, as well as some CDs with unreleased music.

It's unclear what the buyer paid for the Tupac memorabilia or what he's looking to sell it all for. While the unreleased music is the most intriguing part of the find, the notebooks are reportedly filled with plenty of gems, such as a two-page video treatment for Tupac's 1993 song, "Point the Finga." The video treatment will reportedly sell for $35,000 on its own, at the least. As of now, it's currently unknown if all of the documents and unreleased music have been checked for authenticity. According to TMZ, Tupac's estate is not too happy with this latest development and will look to block any sale of the memorabilia on the open market. We'll continue to update this story as more details develop.