M.I.A. shares two new tracks today, "MIA OLA" and "Foreign Friend." "MIA OLA" opens with the unmistakable sample from the opening moments of The Lion King's iconic "Circle of Life" and dives into the muddy waters of immigration and the Mexican border over a bombastic, thrashing beat. M.I.A. told her Twitter followers, "pirates! throw that shit on dj sites WORLDWIDE no borders - b 4 Disney shut it down!" At the 3:24 mark, "Foreign Friend" kicks in over a Middle Eastern chant as M.I.A. spits, "Better tell somebody, I'm an immigrant." She captions the SoundCloud with, "TO ALL MY FLYPIRATES and DJS - THIS IS AN ANNOUNCEMENT !!!! LIVE FROM THE MEXICAN BORDER OLA !!!! MIA ON THE WAVES."

The two new tracks follow "Boom ADD"—an extended version of Matangi's "Boom Skit" released back in 2013—and the equally politically charged track "Borders." Most recently, M.I.A. linked up with Baauer and G-Dragon for the producer's Aa track "Temple." Check out the two new songs below.