The elusive chanteuse, Mariah Carey, is back stoking the flames on the relentless rumor of a feud between herself and Jennifer Lopez. TMZ caught up with the singer Monday night in Beverly Hills while Mariah was exiting the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The reporter proceeded to ask Mariah what she thought about people still discussing her infamous "I don't know her" quote 14 years after she first said it. In response, Mariah answered like the shady chanteuse she is: "I still don't know her."

Lopez recently stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to promote one of her current million projects she is working on. Of course, the topic of the singer's feud came up when J.Lo was asked about Mariah's remarks. Addressing the topic head on, J.Lo explained the comments the best way she could. “She does say that. She’s forgetful, I guess,” Lopez said. “I don’t know. We’ve met many times. I don’t know. I don’t know her that well.” Interestingly enough, J.Lo just returned to Epic records to reunite with her longtime mentor L.A. Reid and is now labelmates with Mariah. Unfortunately, it's doubtful the two will ever link up for a collaboration based on Mariah's response.