Makonnen is currently on a promo run for his upcoming project, Drink More Water 6, which officially drops next week. During an interview on HuffPostLive, the Atlanta artist talked about the inspiration behind the project's title, getting into better shape by performing, his love of dance music, and much more. While the entire interview was entertaining, the most interesting part of the clip came when Makonnen actually confirmed that an OVO group album is real. "I can't say too much, but yeah, it exists, but we'll just see when it comes out," he said. Even better, Makonnen teased that the album could drop in October, which makes sense because that would be well after Drake drops his Views From the 6 album next month.

Of course, Makonnen couldn't dive into many details about the album, but did reveal that he loves working with Majid Jordan, and they were actually in the studio recently in L.A. As far as his own album, Makonnen said that he's planning to release it in the fall or winter and that it will feature a lot more of his own production, unlike what he does for the Drink More Water series. Makonnen's Drink More Water 6 project is currently available for pre-order on iTunes before it drops on March 18.