Kanye West is tweeting again, but this time it's about another form of social media. The Twitter savant has just revealed that he will download Instagram under one condition: "no one can ask me or try to tell me what to Instagram... It's my art..." It's an understandable request from the artist since he takes everything he puts out into the universe very seriously. For 'Ye, telling him what to post is like telling him what lyric to say on one of his albums. It's really not surprising he is putting this out into the universe. As he explains it, it'd be like a "non artist trying to grab the paint brush..." That being said, it's bound to be a better world if Kanye is on the photo sharing app. Imagine all the studio posts. Imagine Kanye sneaking up on Kim for an unplanned selfie. Even better, imagine how many more pictures we'd get of The Life of Pablo creative consultants North and Saint West. It would also give him another platform to come to the defense of his wife in her recent nude selfie controversy. Please Kanye, join Instagram for all of us so we can get more pictures like this and this.