Jeezy comes through today with "Gotta Be a Man," a record that will be included on the upcoming soundtrack for Bounce TV's new drama series, Saints and Sinners. Based on ratings, the show made a pretty big splash earlier this month, and it can only help that the Snowman is offering up his services with a straight banger that harkens back to his earlier years.

The track is built over a mid-tempo backdrop that features heavy bass and Jeezy rapping about keeping it eight more than 92 when it comes to his movement in the streets and on the road. "I might rock a few shows, fuck a few hoes/Chase that check, pursue a bankroll/Gotta keep the faith baby it's all God's plan/Until then I hope you understand, a man gon' be a man," he spits with confidence. This is the first we've heard from Jeezy in 2016 aside from his Cam Newton-inspired track, "Hit Um," which was released the morning of Super Bowl 50. Bump "Gotta Be a Man" above and pre-order the soundtrack for Saints & Sinners on iTunes here, which also includes something new from Big Boi.