Iggy Azalea has had a pretty quiet last year, musically speaking. Despite a few collaborations that weren't exactly hits (see: "Pretty Girls" with Britney Spears), she's mostly been in the headlines for social media beefs and getting called out by Macklemore. She did drop a "buzz single" called "Azillion" back in January, but aside from that, there hasn't been a ton of music to speak of.

Now, Iggy is trying to put all the past year's drama behind her and focus on her new music. To that end, she dropped her new single "Team" this morning.

"Team" will live on her upcoming sophomore album Digital Distortion, which does not yet have a set release date but is expected sometime in the first half of 2016. Not much is known about the project, but Nick Young has already called it the "best album of 2016." While we wait to see if that's true, you can listen to "Team" in the lyric video below, and buy it on iTunes here.