Flying Lotus is back with new music. He released his critically acclaimed album You're Dead! back in 2014, and gave us a deluxe version featuring bonus tracks and instrumentals on the album's one-year anniversary last October. Now, he's back with even more You're Dead! era music. Today, he dropped three tracks leftover from the You're Dead! recording sessions. There's "You're DEad! - TDC Alt Experiment," as well as what seem to be two Thundercat collaborations titled "You're Dead! - Haleys Line//thundercat" and "NO Feeer Thunnderrrcatt2010." The latter features the hilarious Macaulay Culkin artwork shown above.

The tracks are almost entirely instrumental, with only "You're Dead! - Haleys Line//thundercat" featuring vocals of any kind. They're not quite as polished as the songs that actually made it onto the album, but considering they're just leftovers from the You're Dead! recording process, it's a nice treat to have them at all. Each song is different, but they're all mostly laidback, vibey instrumentals. Each is reminiscent of the sound of You're Dead! in its own way, and show us a little bit more about the roads not taken in creating the album.

You can stream all three of Flying Lotus' new songs below via SoundCloud.