While Fetty Wap is now off tour and back in the studio putting out music, he recently caught up with CliqueTV for an in-depth and entertaining interview while backstage at a show. During the conversation, Fetty talked about growing up in New Jersey and how he didn't listen to traditional rappers from the area, but more stuff like Gucci Mane and other artists from the South. Fetty also discussed his insane work ethic and how he's able to churn out a lot of music in a short period of time. "I could probably write 10 songs in an hour," Fetty admitted.

The conversation soon shifted to Fetty's 300 label mate, Young Thug, and how they share the same fire and quickness in the studio. While Thugga and Fetty have teased a full project with each other in the past, Fetty actually admitted that if they wanted to, they could complete a whole album in one night. It's still unclear if a full Thug and Fetty project is going to drop anytime soon, but it certainly sounds like the two already have some great chemistry together. "Whenever I be in Atlanta, I always be with Thug, I'm always in the studio with him and we just be cool," Fetty said. Here's to hoping that Thug and Fetty decide to drop some new heat at some point in 2016.