Daniel D'artiste is a young and talented individual who has made a name for himself by pushing the boundaries when it comes to art, and that's on full display here with the release of his new project, BLUE. The 1234 Creations member and close friend of Jaden Smith side-steps the norm by delivering both a musical and visual component for BLUE, and it's a creative journey that viewers will watch from beginning to end. Interestingly enough, the film was "reversed-scored," so all the footage shot by Alyx Fabrega between March 2015 to February 2016 was edited down after the musical portion of BLUE was finished. This delivers a unique feel to what's taking place in the visual narrative.

Daniel describes BLUE as "an expression of the sadness felt during a time when the only thing that brought me balance and peace was the ocean. My spiritual growth tied into my creative growth and out of this sadness I was able to express it through the sound of water, which to me was the sound of the piano. Every song on BLUE features piano in some form, including samples from Gal Costa and Ryuichi Sakamoto."

Check out BLUE above and catch Daniel and a bunch of his friends at Los Globos in Los Angeles later this month for 1234 Creations presents: 1 More Party in LA. BLUE is available for viewing for 72 hours, so don't miss out on experiencing this special project from Daniel.