It's no secret that Cam'ron is a man of many trades, so it shouldn't really surprise you in the slightest that he has a new web series titled Giles Investigation. The basic premise of the show is for Cam to go back and reconnect with some people from his past life on the street and selling drugs. In the first episode, which Cam just debuted via Fader, he shares footage from 2007 of him traveling around New York City with a comedian named Face who he used to deal to back in the day. Face allows Cam to follow him around for a day, and while there are some funny parts, there are also some troubling scenes as Face deals with his drug addiction.

"Face was just such a big celebrity where we came from, we couldn't understand why he was getting high," Cam said to Fader. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here, as Cam apparently has a follow-up video with Face on deck, but nothing beyond that to this point. "The people that I'm going to go see, we really don't know where they're at in life right now," Cam said. "These people could be walking on Wall Street right now for all we know. They might be like, 'Cam, why are you bringing this up?' They may even deny it. That's the beauty of this show." As always with Killa Cam'ron, there's never a dull moment.