Day two of 50 Cent's latest appearance in bankruptcy court went about as well for him as day one, which is to say not very well at all. According to a report from ABC News, a court official called for a full, independent review of 50's assets due to concerns that he hasn't been fully honest in his financial reports. Judge Ann Nevins did not rule on the official's request, but she also expressed concerns about discrepancies between two sets of financial statements he had filed with the court. According to the report, officials lamented that his true income was difficult to discern because of his ownership stake in "limited liability corporations."

Luckily for 50, at least some people are on his side. The lawyers for the parties he owes money to seem to be more confident in his financial statements, and have already reached a payment plan with him to receive their money. According to the report, he owes nearly $17 million in relation to a lawsuit from his headphone line, and also owes Lastonia Leviston $7 million after he leaked her sex tape online back in 2009.

The whole hearing was called in response to 50's Instagram posts showing him posing with stacks of money. Yesterday, he shocked everyone by admitting to the court that the money in the pictures was fake, and was only used promote his personal brand. For his part, 50 kept up the tradition today, posting an Instagram picture with wads of cash tucked into his belt. You can check out his post below.