Adele might be the biggest pop star on Planet Earth at the moment, but she's also kind of a goofball who enjoys a laugh just as much as the next person. She's hates working out as much as well all do. She's down to take part in a good prank from time to time. And who doesn't love taking a spin around the block and singing along to the radio? During the most recent stop of her ongoing world tour, the "Hello" singer's wackier side was revealed once again when she paused her concert to photobomb a fan.

Kerry Scott was one of thousands of people in attendance to catch Adele's show in Manchester, U.K. on March 7, and as many fans do at a live event, at one point she whipped out her camera to snap a selfie. Being somewhat close to the stage, Scott boldly engaged the singer and "just shouted to her if she could get a selfie." Surprisingly, Adele was more than happy to oblige and posed for two snaps. 

“She couldn’t come down off the stage but she posed for the picture," Scott told the Liverpool Echo. "She said that my hair looked great. I just couldn’t believe it.” Check out the awesome pictures for yourself below.