Album: Late Registration
Producer: Just Blaze
Label: Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

The blaring horns ripped from Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up,” were likely the first thing you noticed on “Touch The Sky,” while Lupe Fiasco, the kid with the peach-fuzz buzz on the song’s final verse, was easily the second. Ye was masterful at introducing the world to unknown artists, and it was clear from the jump that the dude with the weird name was poised for stardom. 'Ye was still a relatively new artist at the time, but was secure enough to share the Chicago spotlight with a young Lupe, who was clearly ready for the world.

You can’t discuss the song, however, without mentioning its accompanying ’70s-themed Evel Knievel–inspired video. The clip starred Yeezy as the fictional character Evel Kanyevel, and co-starred the beauties Pamela Anderson and Nia Long. Not everyone enjoyed the video, though. as the real Evel Knievel sued Kanye for copyright infringement after the clip hit MTV. The suit was eventually settled when Kanye paid a visit to Knievel just prior to his death.