Album: Cruel Summer
Producer: Lifted
Label: Def Jam

It’s still debatable, but the way things stand today, “Mercy” is looking like the song of the summer for 2012. From clubs to cars to radio—the infectious first single from Cruel Summer has been inescapable. Yeezy and his G.O.O.D. Musis goons all brought their A-game, scowling in audio form over the haunting reggae-tinged instrumental.

Kanye had been relatively quiet since WTT, but he came back talking his million-dollar shit with outrageous claims like: “I walk in Def Jam building like I’m the shit/Tell ‘em give me $50 million or I’ma quit.” Sure, the rest of the G.O.O.D. Musicians murked their respective verses too, but none talked quite as much shit as Ye, who claimed to have thrown “Suicide doors on the tour bus” and only seeing “lawyers and niggas in Jordans” while in his presence. Lord have mercy!