Album: DJ Fletch presents Kanye West - The Glory
Producer: Kanye West
Label: N/A

One of the best things about hearing Kanye’s early material is discovering lines that he’d repurpose later on. It’s as if he never expected to blow up so big that Stans would go back and dig up each and every one of his first recordings. And let’s face it, back then you couldn’t send mp3s over dial-up. Classic Kanye lines like: “Drug game bulimic, it’s hard to get weight/Some niggas money is homo/It’s hard to get straight” and “Niggas talk so much shit about me in Barber shops, they forget to get they hair cut” would find homes on album cuts later on down the line, despite working well here.

“Is That Your Car?” found 'Ye fresh out of Chicago, expressing a love/hate relationship with the city he felt shunned by. While he claimed (and correctly prophesied) to be a part of the “Legacy of Twista, The Flict and Do or Die” he also dissed former associates who were butthurt he’d left Chicago and blown up—even though he hadn’t quite blown up yet.

Records like “Is That Your Car?” remind us that Kanye wasn’t always going gorilla in Paris with Jay Z, he was once just a dude from the Chi trying to make it in New York’s cut-throat music biz. He rolled the dice and won big.