Album: Dwele
Producer: Kanye West
Label: N/A

Kanye’s contribution to Dwele’s “Hold On (Remix)” has to be one of the best and most calculated verses of his career. It’s likely he held on to these lines until the right moment and opportunity—and his guest shot for crooner Dwele was that time. The single dropped just prior to The College Dropout, and Kanye still had a lot to prove as an MC, but this play-on-your-favorite magazine verse no doubt opened some ears.

Yeezy’s clever contribution name-dropped a whole slew of print mags—some shuttered, some still in print. All categories were mentioned, even obscure adult books: “I’m feelin’ her Vibe, her Body & Soul/I heard she stay in a Metropolitan Home/Well let’s kill all the pollyin’/I offered you a Cosmopolitan/Let’s Jet out the Club get some Oxygen.”