Album: DJ Fletch Presents Kanye West: The Glory
Producer: A-Plus
Label: N/A

Growing up, 'Ye was a huge Tribe fan and was extremely partial to the unofficial fifth member, Consequence. Once 'Ye moved to NYC, he tracked Quence down and they began banging out music together. The two fast friends had a penchant for flipping classic rap records and making them their own. They’d done similar a remake of Tribe’s “Electric Relaxation” and on “03 'Til” they took a stab at the Souls of Mischief smash.

Kanye and Quence mimicked the delivery, patterns and lines almost identically, putting together a skillful remake. “‘03” was a lot more complex than your average “Infinity” freestyle, and their rendition was updated with current events that were relevant in 03. Kanye quipped: “It cost Kobe seven digits/To pay off Bridget/And get acquitted/To break that bitch off, cause he ain’t did it.” She definitely wasn’t with him shooting in the gym.