We all know that former Beatles member and all-around legend Paul McCartney was a major piece behind the creation of Kanye West's Grammy-nominated track, "All Day." In a new interview with NoiseyMcCartney opens up even more on how the song came about. "Really all I did was just threw a load of ideas at him and then left him to get on with it. And he just gradually sent me these tracks, one of which, 'All Day,' is nominated for a Grammy, Song of the Year kind of thing. And that came from a melody I showed him and a story I told him about this thing. And whereas it was a kind of quite a pretty melody that I'd given him, it came back as sort of an urban anthem riff."

This isn't the first time McCartney collaborated with West, either. The two also worked together on "Only One" and "FourFiveSeconds," which they debuted at the 2015 Grammys. So, what does he really think of Yeezy? "Well, you know, he's an amazing talent. He's a crazy cat with it, but I love him. He's very talented."

Collaborating with 'Ye isn't the only thing McCartney has been up to lately. He recently partnered up with Skype to create “Love Mojis” in celebration of Valentine’s Day. The love-themed emojis will feature accompanying music courtesy of McCartney because all you need is <3. watch="" a="" clip="" of="" paul="" creating="" the="" emoji="" sounds="" in="" studio="" above="" and="" read="" full="" interview="" here.