With Majid Jordan's debut self-titled album set to drop later this week, the mysterious OVO duo recently sat down with Ebro and the Hot 97 crew for their first radio interview ever. During the extensive conversation, the duo, which consists of Jordan Ullman​ and Majid Al Maskati​, talked about their first experiences with Drake, the vibe of the album, the Toronto sound, and much more.

They recounted first talking to Noah "40" Shebib all the way back in 2012, and how they were almost ready to move on from the music industry before he asked to meet with them. The duo also discussed the recording process behind Nothing Was the Same and how they crafted "Hold On, We're Going Home" with Drake and 40. "It was R&B, slow jammy and Jordan heard the idea, loved the melodies and the words and was like, 'Ok, I can speed this up, and give it that feeling, beef it up a little bit,'" Maskati said. "We put it on a USB for Drake to drive home to one night. He drove home, showed up the next day and tracked it." Another interesting tidbit is that Maskati said that Drake and OVO would have everyone set up in tents in the studio while they worked on projects. 

Throughout the interview, Ullman and Maskati talked extensively about their experiences in the industry so far, and the type of sound and vibe that they're carving out to this point. You can currently pre-order their upcoming album here before it drops on Feb. 5.