Kari Faux holds nothing back on her latest track, "This Right Here (Hold My Phone)." The Little Rock-born and raised artist unleashes cutting vocals over a warbling beat about letting loose at a party. She calls out wallflowers and people on their phones for not enjoying the scene. "Hold my fucking phone, this right here my song," she raps on the track's dizzying hook. The song offers a taste of what we can expect from Kari's forthcoming project.

Earlier this month, Kari revealed to her fans on Twitter that her long-awaited album has finally been completed. "After 15 long months, Lost En Los Angeles is finally finished. So happy with what @youngblackparty and I created. all in house production. live instrumentation. man..." she wrote. “I’m excited to release Lost En Los Angeles so everyone can finally see what kind of artist I am,” she told us via email. Kari hasn't missed a step since hitting the scene. Listen to "This Right Here" below. For more on Kari, read our interview with her where she told us all about going from working at a Chick-fil-A to chilling with Childish Gambino.