Some genius had the idea to reverse Kanye West's "Waves," a record that thankfully made the final cut of The Life of Pablo, and the result is nothing short of incredible. The track sounds like a divine gift from Yeezus filled with sacred chords and otherworldly production. Chris Brown's vocals bleed like electronic gospel through warped notes as the sky opens up and ultralight beams us up to heaven.

Truth be told, this new wave is one of the best things we've heard this month. We imagine this is what it sounded like when T.L.O.P. consultant North West spoke for the first time. The only thing that can top this is the sound of Kanye hitting the keys on his computer during a Twitter spree or him announcing his next tour, which is reportedly happening soon, along with a new album. Check out "Waves" reversed below and read why The Life of Pablo is 'Ye at his most dangerous in our review of the album here.