Wiz Khalifa just wrapped up his South American tour, making a few headlines after calling out Kanye West onstage in Argentina. However, during his stop in Sao Paolo, Brazil last night, it looks like things might have gotten a little dicey for the Taylor Gang rapper. A video surfaced online today showing a crowd member (reportedly at the show in Brazil), yanking Khalifa's Rolex right off his wrist. The video isn't the best quality, but you can clearly see the Pittsburgh rapper losing his watch to a pilfering crowd member.

Was the thief simply a money-grubbing opportunist? Were they an enraged Kanye stan hell bent on messing with Wiz? Okay, so it's probably the former, but you never know. Khalifa's DJ also posted some Instagram pictures from the show that show him getting quite close to the crowd, but definitely didn't mention any jewelry snatching. Check out his photos below.


Always got his back @mistercap ! Last night of the #southamericantour in São Paulo, Brazil! #TGOD Photo: @l0rdnik0n

A photo posted by Brandon Glova (@djbonics) on Jan 31, 2016 at 5:16pm PST


Last night in São Paulo! @mistercap #TGOD #khalifa

A photo posted by Brandon Glova (@djbonics) on Feb 1, 2016 at 3:08pm PST