Bryson Tiller joined the crew over at Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, and he didn't waste any time addressing his decision to not sign to OVO. Far from hard feelings, however, it just ended up coming down to a better offer from RCA. He was nervous at first. "It felt like fate that I was supposed to sign to OVO," he said. Things thankfully turned out okay between him and Drake's label, with 40 even advising him to take RCA's deal. "40 called me and he was like 'Yo man this is actually a great deal. I haven't seen a deal like this in a long time.' He thought that I should take it," he recalled. Drake invited him to the club later that month, and things have been cool between the two camps ever since.

He also noted that he wasn't at all familiar with Radio City Music Hall, a venue that he sold out for his 'Trap Soul' Tour. "I don't actually know how big of a deal it is," he said, before Ebro and the crew informed him of the historic nature of the concert hall.

Although he's just getting started in his career, he's already thinking about branching out. He noted that he would love to be in a television show or even make a Bryson Tiller videogame, but didn't yet have specific plans for what they might look like. You can check out the entire interview with the T R A P S O U L artist above.