Bow Wow is already an actor on CSI: Cyber as well as a musician, and now he's planning on adding another title to his resume: late night television host. The 28-year-old artist detailed via Instagram his plans to dominate the late-night scene by targeting a new demographic and bringing content to the table that isn't covered on television these days.

He says he's already been working on the show and seems confident in his project with lines like, "Wont be like ANYTHING ON TV. Its going to be a show YOU HAVE TO WATCH." He plans to target college kids (if they're not out partying) and high school kids (who will exercise their adult right to stay up late) and says that music will be a key component in the show. He talks about A-list prospective show guests like Kendrick Lamar with J. Cole performing as Michelle Obama sits in as an on-screen guest. And he wants Kobe Bryant as the lead guest for his pilot episode.

He credits his very first TV appearance on the Arsenio Hall show in 1993 for paving the way leading up to this momentous event. For Bow Wow, this is another step in his plan to be "the greatest multi-entertainer of all time." If this works out for him, it'll make up for all of the Internet slander he's endured as of late.


First time people saw me was on Arsenio Hall show. So its only right i go back to where it started.first let me thank him by paving the way because i wouldn't have did what I'm about to do. I been quietly working on a project that i felt was needed. When i hosted 106 i knew then i could do whatever (talent wise) but i did not own 106 i had little control and i gots to be the man because im a creator. So when i cant be creative well... But i learned so much to the point i will have my own late night show coming. I get to run my own show content etc... We will have the best producers and show runners in the game! Wont be like ANYTHING ON TV. Its going to be a show YOU HAVE TO WATCH. Music will play an important key to the show. I felt i HAD to do this. Theres no platform for hip hop artist no more. Where can they go to promote on tv other than revolt (they still growing) thats crazy 1 outlet?!! Music videos became less important. College kids and high school students have nothing at 10pm to really look forward to. Where my guest could be Kendrick lamar w j cole performing live. To having Michelle Obama on. I found my stride. I want to help the culture and this is my way of giving back to the game that made me! Get ready i'm going through set designs now. REMEMBER I NEVER WANTED TO BE THE BEST RAPPER, but the GREATEST MULTI ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME FOR MY ERA. Ps.. I WANT MY FIRST GUEST TO BE NONE OTHER THAN LAKER LEGEND KOBE BRYANT! i want to kixk the show off w him. #shadmoss #BowcomingtolatenightTV #HISTORY #showwillbeINCREDIBLE #lasttodothisarsineohall #younglegend

A photo posted by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on Feb 3, 2016 at 4:41am PST