One of the most peculiar critiques about Rihanna is that she’s a “singles artist.” It’s often meant pejoratively, but it avoids a few certain truths. If Rihanna is a singles artist, she’s very much an artist of her day, which is why she’s amassed so many hits and can maintain bragging rights as the biggest digital artist of all time. Then there’s the other fun tidbit that’s often bypassed: Rihanna, “the singles artist,” doesn’t have one bad album in her catalog. Some are so-so, some have moments of brilliance, others are so-so-so close to nailing it, but miss the mark by only a little. Nevertheless, all of Rihanna’s albums feature great songs be they singles or just fantastic deep cuts.

We’ve honored Rihanna before about her best work, and since then, we’ve gotten a bunch of new songs and a brand new album in the long delayed but very much worth the wait ANTI. Check out how we’re feeling now.

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