Waka Flocka Flame teased he was putting out a mixtape with Southside in 2016, and today he’s shared their first offering called “New Year.” It features Flocka and Sizzle trading ferocious verses over a chaotic and dark beat. Although Waka hasn’t announced the title yet, he’s created the hashtag #FlockaSizzle.

Last year, Flocka has dealt with Atlantic Records very vocally on social media. The frustration comes from the pending release of his album, Flockaveli 2. On more than one occasion, he’s accused them of not caring about his artistry and offered to buy out his contract. Another instance, he’s revealed a number to Atlantic to his fans so they could demand the label to release Flockaveli 2. His latest rant, he claims the label is “fucking selling dreams.”

It remains to be seen if these problems will get resolved this year. But at least Waka isn’t letting his fans down with his music. Check out “New Year,” below.