In a new episode of a biopic series by Vice, hip-hop mogul Pusha T recaps his momentous career. In the video, he summarizes his timeline, from his beginnings on the come-up with his brother Gene, best known as No Malice, alongside Pharrell and Chad Hugo, to the drug charges and indictment of members of his crew, to his present-day practice of being able to turn pain into art. Most notably, Pusha revisits the time when he realized legendary rap duo Clipse, consisting of his brother Gene and himself, broke up for good.

From reminiscing on the good times, playing shows for the devoted fans, the "clipsters," to solemn moments, reflecting on loved ones who passed too soon, Pusha T covers the bases throughout the video. It's informative and entertaining, and definitely worth watching for rap fans who want to dig deeper into the history of this beloved art.