The beef between Drake and Meek Mill may not be as intense as it was a few months back, but it's certainly not over. Over the weekend, Meek dropped his 4/4 EP, which featured the Philly rapper going at Drake over the "girl's tour" line from "Back to Back." Now, DJ Drama has opened up about the situation during the latest episode of the Rap Radar podcast.

In particular, Drama responded to past claims from his ex-wife, Summer Walker, who said he purposely gave Drake's reference tracks to Meek. While it's still disputed how it went down, this moment was inevitably what ignited the rap feud. "I didn't really have any role," Drama said. "With respect to those guys, that's not really my story to tell. They're gonna have to tell that story." He continued, “I know one thing though, I definitely am not no leaker of no records. I put out records that people give me blessings to put out. I gotta lay that to rest. None of that shit was from me.” His words are clearly in reference to the leaked tracks.

So Walker says Drama did it, Drama says otherwise. At this point, it doesn't seem like it will make a difference how the moment played out since each side has made up their mind on the truth. Maybe the most honest thing Drama said regarding the feud: "What we’ve learned from this whole thing is how powerful social media is." Drake and Meek will definitely vouch for that statement. Check out the full episode below, which also features Don Cannon and Lil Uzi Vert. Drama's words on the drama can be found at the 54-minute mark.