David Bowie fans across the world are starting petitions to honor the late singer, including renaming Mars and putting him on Britain's £20 banknote. A man named Danny Rapscallion started the petition to rename Mars after Bowie, writing, "He gave us so much. A piece of the galaxy in return is just a drop in the universe." It currently has over 4,000 signatures.

In the U.K., a petition to feature Bowie on the country's new £20 note has racked up nearly 19,000 signatures. The petition states, "A 2002 poll of '100 Greatest Britons' voted for by the public listed Bowie as number 29, which demonstrates how celebrated and familiar he is to British people. There is no better person to be on the next £20 note."

There's also a petition to create a David Bowie museum in place of the Margaret Thatcher museum. Other petitions include naming a street in Austin after Bowie, commemorating him in World Of Warcraft, a state funeral in the UK, and a memorial in Beckenham. Unsurprisingly, many of these petitions are racking up thousands of signatures.